Who are Cateur

CATEUR is a family of red British Shorthair cats. It was formed at the end of 2017 in Burgas, Bulgaria consisting of Palace DaLiCats MARCO from Austria, ISABELLA of Bellhouse from Slovakia and VANESKA Elandrea from Czech Republic.

The CATEUR /katˈjʊər/ family is a member of the Belgian Feline Association Felis Belgica and the Fédération Internationale Féline FIFe, reg number FBE-C-2021-0396. The name is formed from the English word CAT and the English abbreviation of the word Europe - EUR. It embodies an aspiration for a different approach to caring and breeding pets, inspired by best European practices.

  • Cateur's home has an area of 210 sq.m. The cats inhabit the entire space except for the sanitary facilities and outside balconies
  • Cateur's home has four different cat feeding areas. The cats have unlimited access to fresh water and dry food, and they are fed meat delicacies twice a day
  • Cateur's menu includes super premium granules with over 70% meat, premium cans with high quality meat and raw meat, providing a real culinary experience and the possibility of natural feeding
  • All Cateur cats are regularly vaccinated and dewormed according to veterinary regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria and EU
  • All Cateur cats visit a reputable veterinary clinic where they get full health care at least once a year
  • Before becoming parents, Cateur cats are tested for absence of contagious and genetic diseases


Let's cuddle

Cuddling my own Cateur cats is my dream come true! My name is Georgi Angelov and I have been caring for British Shorthair cats in my home since 2011. My breeding project Cateur started at the end of 2017 when I imported a pair of red cats.
Although I am a registered breeder, I am no different from other cat owners. I want my cats to be happy and healthy for many years, playing, cuddling and purring. That's why I do my best to provide perfect veterinary care, premium food and a safe home. I own a small cat pride which helps me interact with each cat on a daily basis. Keeping a close relationship is important to me and cats because it makes us a happy family.
As a breeder, I believe that a good exterior result can be achieved without inbreeding and crossbreeding. Therefore, I prefer to mate cats with a pure genetic line. My priority is breeding healthy kittens, free of genetic and infectious diseases, because it is not fair for someone else to pay for the breeder's mistakes. The birth of a new life is not for fun, and I approach breeding with great responsibility.


Our family